Baking With Awesome!

My name is Rhiana and I'm obsessed with baking.
Here are my baking successes and failures, enjoy!
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I definitely stand by the cinnamon roll recipe from the Pillsbury baking book. It’s simple and tasty; what’s not to love?!

To make these PUMPKIN cinnamon rolls, I used pumpkin puree (2 cups is more than fine) and mixed it with brown sugar and spiced the puree like you would a pie filling with lots cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cloves. Remember, WHEN IT COMES TO PUMPKIN PIE, YOU MUST BE LIBERAL ON SPICES! Pumpkin puree is very bland without help (sorry pumpkin), the pumpkin needs a kick!

I sent out my tumblreatup goods on Wednesday… More like I actually went to my partner’s place of business… I’m not sure if that breaks any rules? But It costs about $15 to mail it and the place wasn’t far from my school, so it just seemed like a logical idea. 

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