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So, I came home from school around 6:30 and I was quite hungry. Since the end of november I’ve been meatless (except sea food and fish), but I still get cravings. On the metro I saw some women with mcdonalds and I wanted it soooooo bad. I didn’t even care for burgers before… Well, I get over those cravings fast when I make my own suppers. I love healthy food, I love vegetables and most of the time I don’t notice not having meat because I enjoy creating these meals.

I knew I had black beans, so I decided I’MA MAKE CHILLI! My dad makes chili and the cooking is usually a long enough event. Except I wanted this fast and I wasn’t even sure if we had chopped tomato. THANK GODDDDD he had cut a lot up to freeze. 

It ended up being really easy and the only high calorie thing was the beans because it was completely made out of fresh veggies. But beans are totally healthy so, this recipe is a win! This was random so I have no idea for servings, but I made a lot.

  1. Diced tomatoes. Cut up a lot depending on how much chilli you want or how tomatoey you want it. Put them in a put and I guess start simmering them. Add spices and extra flavours. I used Chilli (flakes, plus a few dried chillies that we have), cumin, a little cayenne pepper, salt and I think parsley but I don’t know why.
  2. Black beans, but I think any sort of bean would do. I drained some of the juice before dumping the can in. 
  3. I fried up an onion, a bunch of mushrooms and a pepper (I only had one left, but I would definitely put more in. It’s totally a chilli veggie and they’re super colourful).
  4. Once they were cooked and the onions brown I threw them in the pot.
  5. Then I took some frozen carrots and peas and corn and added those in (after unthawing them of course)
  6. Stirred it all and had it simmer
  7. Then I ate it.

That probably took an hour in total, just deciding what to do and how to cook it and then actually cooking it.

My brother really liked it as well even though he is all for meat. I can’t wait for my dad to try it though; He constantly makes fun of my meatlessness. Not that he doesn’t love veggies, but he always makes chilli with meat.

How many times can I say ‘totally’?

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