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My name is Rhiana and I'm obsessed with baking.
Here are my baking successes and failures, enjoy!
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Black and White Cupcakes 

+cool sprinkles. Made these for a friend’s going away party. I didn’t even follow a recipe, besides the original vanilla. I had made something like this before, and all you have to do is take a portion of the batter and add a bunch of cocoa powder to it. When you’re pouring the batter into the cups, you can do half/half or more vanilla than chocolate, whatever.

You can even take the same concept, but instead of adding cocoa to the batter, add food colouring. When they bite in, it’s like SURPRISE!

Sooo, I baked from a box today! I must be honest, they’re always so much better than my made-from-scratch cupcakes… Oh well.

I made the american fun fetti cupcakes, which I loooveeeee. I also made (canadian, aha) a rainbow bit batch that I coloured and then a cherry bit batch. Twas all great!

So many sprinkles though!

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